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Senior PMT, Marketing Technology Strategy

Full Time
4 days ago
Do you possess a passion for the technology that drives e-commerce and advertising, an obsession to make customers happy, and at the same time an ability to solve intrinsically hard technology problems? Are you excited by the idea of directly influencing the foundation for Amazon's future retail technology?

We are a Special Project team looking for a Senior Product Manager (Tech) who is focused on Marketing Technology Strategy. We are seeking candidates with deep marketing-related technical expertise who are excited about the idea of joining a team that works broadly across Amazon organizations to help solve endemic technical and business challenges faced by advertisers, brands, content creators, influencers, and entrepreneurs in general.

In this role, you conceive/design/run/measure marketing-related digital technology experiments in form of prototypes and intricate simulations. You drive experiments independently and coordinate work with Brand Experts, Software Engineers, and Solution Architects. Then, you transform what you learn from these experiments into original thought leadership that informs internal enablement and broader company decisions on marketing execution, roadmap prioritization, and the application of marketing technology.

The right candidate is a creative Marketing Technologist who works across multiple industries, understands emerging trends in marketing and the associated technology use cases. Candidates need to demonstrate an ability to think strategically while keeping the needs of multiple organizations at Amazon in mind. They also need to bring hands-on technical experience and expert-level architectural knowledge of industry workloads, including: marketing analytics and measurement, tag and pixel management, content management, headless commerce, real-time bidding, ad serving, identity and attribution graphs, and machine learning such as contextual analysis, fraud detection, and ad servicing. The ideal candidate has extensive experience working with marketing technology vendors in the US and China.
Key Responsibilities Include:
  • Provide compelling thought-leadership and technical guidance on Marketing Technology to peers and stakeholders in multiple Amazon organizations.
  • Expert-level ability to generalize requirements (functional and technical) gathered from a diverse set of customers, industry trends, and larger technology trends. Determines minimum viable product requirements.
  • End-to-end technology management (including design, implementation, and measurement) of digital marketing experiments and simulations that disprove/test/prove hypotheses.
  • Participate in technology strategy planning by developing (or helping to develop) marketing-related ideas into full concepts and prototypes.
  • Provide deep technical expertise, vendor landscape knowledge, and proven patterns and practices across industry workloads, including: Demand Side Platforms (DSP), Programmatic Display Marketing, Content Management Systems (CMS), Data Management Platforms (DMP), Headless Commerce Tools, Content Distribution Networks, Analytics and Measurement/Instrumentation.
  • Advising peers and other stakeholders on technology subjects underpinning driving digital media programs in areas across Search, Mobile, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Strategy, Video, Audio.
  • Delivering reviews to leaders across all levels of the leadership organization and fostering a shared understanding by asking intelligent questions about proposed solutions.
  • Constantly staying up to date with next-generation marketing subjects and, as a result, proactively driving technology reviews.
  • Driving key programs and projects worldwide with complete independence.
  • Owning the technical launch orchestration of products, prototypes, and simulations.


  • Bachelor's Degree
  • 5+ years of experience in product or program management, product marketing, business development or technology
  • Experience with end to end product delivery
  • Experience overseeing roadmap strategy and definition
  • Experience with feature delivery and tradeoffs of a product
  • Experience contributing to engineering discussions around technology decisions and strategy related to a product


  • MBA preferred plus 5+ years product engineering experience.
  • Up-to-date knowledge of the Digital Marketing and E-Commerce vendor landscape in the US and/or China.
  • Hands-on experience creating digital marketing solutions, apps, and/or programs for customers in the US and/or China.
  • Strong command of software engineering and solution architecture, especially as it relates to marketing.
  • Hands-on experience with marketing technology systems like DSP APIs, automating AI systems, bidding services.
  • Hands-on technical expertise in cloud-based software design and development.
  • Proficient in Japanese, Chinese, and/or Korean
Software and Programming Management and Executive